Extreme Mountain Bike Show

Extreme Stunt Work, TV & Media

RJ Ride Guide can provide individual performers and equipment for TV, Film, Theatre or Media stunt work.

Work including

  • Commentators
  • Presenters
  • Modelling
  • Jumping over vehicles
  • Ride over moving cars to military tanks
  • Jumping through fire
  • Riding on ice

Previous projects include

  • Commercials for Opel Corsa
  • Commercials for Halfords
  • Coaching Videos for Mountain Bike Rider Magazine
  • Video of Saab Salomon Adrenaline Tour
  • MPH Theatre Show for Saab 93
  • London Motor Show for Bio Power Saab 95
  • Fashion Show for Kangol
Review from Think! Road Safety - Street Safe Leaflet

"Champion trials rider Rich Johnson takes his two wheels to the limit - so, more than anyone else , he knows the importance of cycle safety. Rich said "Take your head and rub it along gravel. How does that feel? Now do that again wearing a helmet.""

Road Safety - Lewisham Council
Review from London Motor Show

"Va Va Vroom! Wheelie great cycle stunt man Richard Johnson shows his skills on the Saab Stand jumping over and promoting the new Bio Powered Saab."

Kent Messenger Article
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